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Social Media Management

An effective social strategy can help to grow an engaged audience, we help to maintain your social presence, engaging with your company’s followers.

We are social media management experts specialising in Twitter and Facebook. We can manage the day to day activities of running your social media accounts. That includes sharing your own content, sharing other people€™s content, building your audience, developing relationships and taking part in online discussions.

Social Media Packages

We offer 3 different social media management packages these are Basic, Advanced and Bespoke. Depending on your requirements and goals we aim to provide a service that will benefit your business. If the service you require is not listed below we would be happy to put together a solution that will meet all your needs and financial requirements.

How does Social Media Management it work?

Before we start work on your social media campaign for your company, we will:

  • Meet with you to fully understand what your company does, the services you offer and your expectations etc.
  • Find out and understand your overall marketing campaigns to ensure that your get the most from your social media campaign/

Once we have started your social media campaign, we will:

  • Keep in contact with you on a weekly basis to find out about any news, events, special offers etc that we can promote via your social accounts.
  • Manage your social media accounts, including:
    – Posting new content
    – Sharing content from other sources that your visitors may find interesting
    – Ask questions, to get conversations started with your visitors
    – Identify ways to increase the reach of your content
    – Help advertise any promotions or competitions you may want to run.
  • Provide you with feedback and analysis on how your social media marketing is performing and make suggestions for improvement.

Typical Activities That We Can Complete

The table below shows some of the typical activities that we carry out for our customers:

Customer EngagementWe manage your social media profiles and check for any comments left, we then process these in most cases we are able to respond to these ourselves but if we need any information from you will ask the relevant department for advice. The longer we work with you the more we get to know you business.
Industry AuthorityA highly effective way to establish your business as an industry expert is by linking to industry news articles on your own website (we can provide you with these), Twitter and Facebook accounts. This not only demonstrates to your visitors and followers that you are aware of what is happening in your industry but can help drive traffic to your website. We will work to create discussions around  news articles, enabling us to start conversation with your followers and encourage more people to follow you and join in the debate.
Social ‘Chatter’We are able to keep a constant track of the social media platforms to check for mentions of your brand. From this information we can keep an eye on how people view your business and tell interested people about the other services you offer encourage them to follow your accounts,. This is a highly effective lead generation exercise and also allows us to manage any negative mentions of your brand.
Product DevelopmentWe are able to communicate with your existing customer base who are following you to find out what they feel about your current product range or services, and ask them what they feel about them, we can then ask them to make recommendations into future development of the goods. Which will help improve your offerings and attract more customers.

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Please call us now on 01637 222 560 or email us We look forward to talking to you about your Social Media Campaign.

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