SEO Website Design – What is important?

SEO Website Design – What is important?

SEO Website Design – What is important?

The majority of traffic to websites come from search engines or more specifically in the UK Google. Most people only ever look at the first page of the search results. So if your website is not found on the first page you will have very few visitors to your website. Therefore if you want people to find your business your need to use an SEO company to boost your results. SEO should start from day one and should be looked atin your site design below you will find some key elements that will effect your websites positions.

Keyword Based File Names

Search engines like to take hints from your site about what your content is about, one of those hints is your directory and file structure. You can either call your pages “page1.htm” “page2.htm” OR you can use relevant file names, taking this further for bigger sites your can make sure that these files are in relevant folders. This not only makes it easier for search engines but also for your webmaster when editing the site later on in it’s life.

Making the Most of Images

Search engines cant see what your image is about, however there are ways that you can help it understand. You can name your image with a descriptive title, and you can use ALT tags to describe your image. Now it is important that your don’t keyword stuff however you need to be creative when doing this, there are many ways to describe things and it is important that you describe your images in the best way to help your positions.

Titles and Headings

Make sure that you use the most relevant titles and headings for your content, and make sure that you use the correct <h1> <h2> html tags to show the search engines your headings. We believe that you should only have one <h1> tag per page, this is the main subject on the page. Your page titles should be to the point with the most relevant information at the beginning, which normally means if you are listing your company name in this space it should be at the end of the title.

Speed Matters

Google are trying to give people what they want and when people want something they want it now. There are people who will wait for pages to load but on the whole people haven’t got all day and want to find the solution to their problem fast. So you need to make sure that your images are as small as possible while not losing quality. Make sure your code has been written to deliver your content in the fastest possible time.

As you can see the key really is to think about your visitors and think how you can give them what they want. Think if you were a person visiting your site would you be able to find the solution to your problem, and would you be able to find it fast enough. Does your website indicate to the search engines what each page is about?

If you need help optimising your website contact us today – we would be happy to help.

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