eCommerce Website Tips

eCommerce Website Tips

eCommerce Website Tips

I know we talk about this a lot on our website but this is because it is so important but once again don’t forget your content!!!

Just because your website is an online store doesn’t mean that you can’t write content for your website – in some respects it is easier to write content for an online store than a normal website as you have lots to write about – you can write about your brands, your products you can release articles on what is happening in the industry you can add new articles when new products come out – use your imagination there is so much you can write about. The more you have the more chance you will be found before your competition.

So what is important on a new ecommerce website

The initial look of your ecommerce design website is just as important as a shop window on a high street. Make sure the style and design is tailored towards the people that will be visiting.

Make sure people can find the products they want make sure the navigation is easy to use and the sections and categories and simple and easy.

Make sure you have more information about the products than your competitor. If you have one more piece of information than a competitor then this could be the difference between you or them getting the sale.

Check out the competition – what are they doing? What is working for them, why is it working? Find this out and you can implement their ideas and improve on them.

Keep track of what happens on your site – there was a news articles recently where a large business found out by looking at their statistics that customers were not completing the bookings at last minute when they examined the page they found out that the last page was not making it clear what people should be putting in the box – they removed this text box and sales rocketed. I very simple fix but transformed their sales.

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