Ways to improve your sales opportunities

Ways to improve your sales opportunities

Ways to improve your sales opportunities

Here are some marketing tips and ideas that may help your business create more sales opportunities.

1. Don’t try and close sales – Open new relationships

There are hundreds of books your can buy on how to close a sale, change your mindset look to open new business relationships, don’t look at the one time sale, treat your customers as people not numbers understand their needs and find out if you can meet their requirements. If the customer has a requirement and you have a solution, you will naturally be a perfect fit. Even if you are not the perfect fit, that person will remember how you tried at help and want to recommend you to others who you may be able to help.

2. Find out what works

Look at the last 5 emails that you opened, why did you open them? Was it the title, did the content make you read more, what was it the stopped you from deleting, or why did you delete it? This is all key information by analysing other peoples emails you can find out what works and what doesn’t when sending your own.

3. Word of mouth is a fast way to success

Think how you talk to people and what you say and your actions. People talk and by offering a friendly service and offering help and advice you can grow your business quickly. People like to offer solutions and if they can recommend someone then they will so make sure you stick in their minds.

4. Be extremely easy to contact

If you want to attract more sales from your website, make sure it’s as easy as possible for people to contact you, it is surprising how many people don’t pick up their phones. The number of people that say that they had tried to call others but their phone wasn’t picked up is astounding. Make sure you reply to emails, if you think it will take time to gather the informaiton the person requires, send an email back thanking them for contacting you and that you will be in contact shortly to answer all their questions. It takes seconds but lets people know you have recieved their email and that you are on the case.

5. Get noticed by the right people

Make sure you are where people want you to be, do you need a website, should you have a Twitter or facebook account? Where are your customers, find them and make sure they find you first.

6. Put your marketing ideas into action more often

Don’t wait to try that new idea, if you have an idea to boost your business try it. Don’t wait till next month if you truely believe it will help your business go for it and get those customers coming in. Many people wait until the end of the month of the beginning of next year, WHY? don’t delay all you are doing is delaying potential new business. The best way to start is to think of your best idea with the most potential and start by actioning it see what happens. Test the idea. Measure the feedback . Work out what worked, why it worked and learn from it and move forward.

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