How to Incorporate Customers In Your Social Media Channels

So How can you incorport Case studies This is what most people think of when they consider how to incorporate clients in their content strategies on social media. Case studies are a proven method of showcasing your product or service while highlighting one of your valued clients. Case studies can be a great fit for social media since they implicitly draw in the networks of both companies. If you are lucky enough to have a brand like the World Wildlife Federation or [...]

Why is SEO Important for My Business?

Why is SEO Important for My Business? You already know that having a website effects the success of your business. One point that you may not be particularly clear on is the role that search engine optimisation (SEO) plays. Even though Google are constantly updating the algorithms they use to prioritise searches, SEO is most definitely not dead. If anything, it is more important now than ever. Here are some of the reasons why you need an SEO expert like us. SEO Calls Attention to [...]

Got A Website That Doesn’t Generate Any Business? How You Can Boost Your Online Enquiries!

Got A Website That Doesn’t Generate Any Business? How You Can Boost Your Online Enquiries! Having a website is pretty much required these days and something most businesses already have. You probably know that if people cannot find you online, they will find your competitor that can be found or give up on their search and forget why they needed you in the first place. Most potential customers do not like picking up the phone anymore to make that first [...]

SEO Website Design – What is important?

SEO Website Design – What is important? The majority of traffic to websites come from search engines or more specifically in the UK Google. Most people only ever look at the first page of the search results. So if your website is not found on the first page you will have very few visitors to your website. Therefore if you want people to find your business your need to use an SEO company to boost your results. SEO should start [...]

Google Panda 4.2 Is Here; Slowly Rolling Out

Google Panda 4.2 Is Here; Slowly Rolling Out Google says a Panda refresh began last weekend but will take months to fully roll out. Google announced to Search Engine Land that it pushed out a Google Panda refresh last weekend. Many of you may not have noticed because this rollout is happening incredibly slowly. In fact, Google says the update can take months to fully roll out. That means that although the Panda algorithm is still site-wide, some of your Web pages might [...]

Ways to improve your sales opportunities

Ways to improve your sales opportunities Here are some marketing tips and ideas that may help your business create more sales opportunities. 1. Don’t try and close sales – Open new relationships There are hundreds of books your can buy on how to close a sale, change your mindset look to open new business relationships, don’t look at the one time sale, treat your customers as people not numbers understand their needs and find out if you can meet their requirements. If the [...]

To Blog or Not To Blog – That is the question!

To Blog or Not To Blog – That is the question! Ok, so it is common sense these days if you business doesn’t have a website then the chances of your business being found is slim to none. The internet is here to stay and more and more people are throwing away there local business directories and looking to the search engines for the services they require. The problem is that more and more business now have a website so how [...]

How Search Engines Work?

How Search Engines Work? Search engines are there to provide their customers with the most relevant information, they want to make sure their customers find the information they are after in the fastest possible time. When a user searches the search engine examines it’s database and returns the results it feels are more relevant to the persons search. When search engines return results they do so based on certain criteria, in the early days of search engines the only information they [...]

Free SEO Advice

Free SEO Advice What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO is all about improving the positioning of your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. By improving your position you will gain more visitors that will convert to more sales for your business. There are lots of different things that effect your positions including the words on each page, how your site is linked and structured and who has linked to your website. While thinking about SEO for your [...]

Official Google Panda Update Version 3.8 On June 25th

Official Google Panda Update Version 3.8 On June 25th Google has announced they pushed out a new refresh to the Panda algorithm on June 25th 2012. According to their Twitter status this update “noticeably affects only ~1% of queries worldwide”. There were earlier rumors of an update over the weekend but Google said the rollout started today and not over the weekend. The previous Panda update was on June 8th and before that on April 26th. Typically, Google pushes out algorithm updates for [...]