To Blog or Not To Blog – That is the question!

To Blog or Not To Blog – That is the question!

To Blog or Not To Blog – That is the question!

Ok, so it is common sense these days if you business doesn’t have a website then the chances of your business being found is slim to none. The internet is here to stay and more and more people are throwing away there local business directories and looking to the search engines for the services they require.

The problem is that more and more business now have a website so how do you show that you are experts? Well a blog is probably the best way to do this, you can talk about industry goings on, news about your business and give away helpful tips that your readers will enjoy.

The rate of blogs on the web are increasing do your competitors have a blog? Are they taking customers that could possibly be yours? Is there an opportunity for you to get in the there first and become the online industry leader?

So what are the benefits of owning a blog?

Online Visibility

By having a blog you have more chance of being found you will have more keywords in your text, Google will see your website as an authority and want to rank you higher, Visitors will see you as experts and know you are the people to use as you know what you are talking about.


Search engines love content, the more information you can give to them the better. They have updated algorythms recently to show new fresh content above old centent for certain searches. Make sure you write for your readers, look after your readers and the search engines will love you. If you cant afford to hire an SEO and want to try to be proactive, start a blog and show to the world how much of an expert you are.

Be an Expert

Do you know what you are talking about, are you an expert? Of course you are that is why people should choose you over the competition so show people tell them useful facts, figures and tips. So when they look for your services they can tell that you are the company to use.

Makes you think

It is amazing how writing a short blog post can make your think about your business, the opportunities available to you and what perhaps you could offer your customers to bring in more business. It is amazing how writing things down can really make you think.

So if you want to increase visitors to your site, give your customers another reason to use your business and make the most of what your can offer, start a blog.

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