What is needed in a New Business Website?

What is needed in a New Business Website?

What is needed in a New Business Website?

One of the questions we are commonly asked from small businesses is what should I put on my website? The answer really is as much as possible about your business, the services you offer and the industry you work in.

In our opinion the Internet is one of the greatest marketing tools ever, and it is important you get as much from it as possible.

We tell all our customers that their is no point having a website if you are a small business if no one can find it and the only way people will find it is if you are listed on the search engines. The job of a search engine is to give its users the most relevant results so if you have a small website that says for example “John’s Builders Ltd…. We build stuff no job to big or to small call us on ………” then the search engines have no reason to even list you as you are not giving enough information to work out what it is you do. If however you have a nice web site that lists examples of projects you have worked on, some nice photos, information on what is going on in the industry at the moment, the search engines have lots of text to read and work out what it is your business is about and can list your business accordingly.

I know you are thinking but the bigger the website the more it costs… well yes you are right but it is important that you don’t throw your money away on a little 1 or 2 page website that nobody ever finds that doesn’t get you any work.

The best way to think of a website is a sales person for your business – you wouldn’t give a new sales person a stack of cards with your phone number on and tell him to stand in the middle of the street with no information just waiting in the hope that someone will ask for a card and if someone does they don’t know information about your company to pass on to the potential customer. If you gave that person loads of information and then had someone else (the search engines) sending people over you would get a lot more business.

If your visitors want to know information about the products and services you business offers, you need to make it easy for them to find this information out.

Remember do not write duplicate content that can be found elsewhere the search engines will see this as duplicate information and discard your pages, keep your information fresh. That doesn’t mean you can’t write on the same subject matter just make sure yours is not word for word the same and has more information, as we have said above it is all about giving as much information to the visitors as possible.

You have to remember there are lots of businesses on the Internet now and you need to make sure that you are not only found out of the thousand others but provide the information they are looking for and show you are the company to use.

So in summary be the industry experts, provide lots of unique content, give the visitors something to read, provide photos and any other information or graphs/statistics you can to show you are the business to use.


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