Search Engine Optimisation Tips For Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation Tips For Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation Tips For Small Businesses

Here is our guide on helping your business improve it’s rankings on the search engines.


At the end of the day a search engines job is to give it’s users the most relevant information for the search they have entered. So the search engines need to see your site has lots of useful content that people will want to read about and that your website will be more relevant and more knowledgeable than your competitors.

Unique detailed content is still the main thing Search engines look for, and the more useful information you provide your visitors the bigger chance you have of converting them to customers and also increase your rankings.

People use search engines to find the lowest price,to look for reviews and recommendations or to find a company who they feel will provide the best service to them – keep these things in mind when writing your content.

Optimisation for local businesses

If you are a local business then you need to make your website found for local search terms for example – if you are a landscape gardener who covers Harpenden then you don’t need to be at the top of google for “landscape gardener” although this would get you a lot of traffic you would get visitors from all over the world which is not what your business is about you would be much better off being the top of google for “landscape gardener Harpenden” which means optimising your site in a different way.

Make sure your website is fast

Small business· website sites can be slow to load this could be down to a number of reasons it could be the speed of your hosting provider(where you website is located on the internet) or maybe you have lots of large photo’s or graphics that could be smaller. When we refer to size in the computer world we are referring to file size not the actual viewing size on the screen. Google now take page loading speeds into account when ranking a website so if your site is slow it could effect your position.

Make sure the search engines are seeing all your pages

It is important that all your pages are linked together and that Google and other search engines can see those links – fancy javascript codes can be ignored which means some links may not be read. It is also important that you have created sitemaps and that those maps have been submitted to the search engines.

Content for your customers not for the search engines

The biggest mistake small business make when writing content is writing their content is writing it for the search engines so putting in text and phrases that they think the search engines want to see. Yes you need to keep them in mind but they should not be you primary concern remember search engines will not be the ones buying from you, your visitors want to be able to find out the information they want quickly and easily and will use the company they feel is helping them the most and will give them what they need.

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