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Ways to improve your sales opportunities

Ways to improve your sales opportunities Here are some marketing tips and ideas that may help your business create more sales opportunities. 1. Don’t try and close sales – Open new relationships There are hundreds of books your can buy on how to close a sale, change your mindset look to open new business relationships, don’t look at the one time sale, treat your customers as people not numbers understand their needs and find out if you can meet their requirements. If the [...]

To Blog or Not To Blog – That is the question!

To Blog or Not To Blog – That is the question! Ok, so it is common sense these days if you business doesn’t have a website then the chances of your business being found is slim to none. The internet is here to stay and more and more people are throwing away there local business directories and looking to the search engines for the services they require. The problem is that more and more business now have a website so how [...]

How Search Engines Work?

How Search Engines Work? Search engines are there to provide their customers with the most relevant information, they want to make sure their customers find the information they are after in the fastest possible time. When a user searches the search engine examines it’s database and returns the results it feels are more relevant to the persons search. When search engines return results they do so based on certain criteria, in the early days of search engines the only information they [...]

Free SEO Advice

Free SEO Advice What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? SEO is all about improving the positioning of your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. By improving your position you will gain more visitors that will convert to more sales for your business. There are lots of different things that effect your positions including the words on each page, how your site is linked and structured and who has linked to your website. While thinking about SEO for your [...]

Official Google Panda Update Version 3.8 On June 25th

Official Google Panda Update Version 3.8 On June 25th Google has announced they pushed out a new refresh to the Panda algorithm on June 25th 2012. According to their Twitter status this update “noticeably affects only ~1% of queries worldwide”. There were earlier rumors of an update over the weekend but Google said the rollout started today and not over the weekend. The previous Panda update was on June 8th and before that on April 26th. Typically, Google pushes out algorithm updates for [...]

How to Analyse Keywords

How to Analyse Keywords So you have found your competitors websites now how do you find out what keywords they are targeting. An SEO specialist has tools that they can use to analyse all sorts of data not easily accessible to the average person however below are a few ways you can do your own research. The relationship between search engines and keywords Search engines love content the more content you give them the more chance you have or ranking for lots of different words, BUT remember [...]

SEO Content Analysis

SEO Content Analysis Your websites content plays a huge part in how Google rank your website, it is important that you have the information that visitors want to see. Many people make the mistake of telling people all about themselves, most people do not care, they want to find out what you can do for them. The first thing to do is to look back at your keywords research, what are people searching for does your website answer their questions? Would your website [...]

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis The first thing a have indexed in Google? • What are their call to actions? • Which services/products are they pushing? • Do they have any backlinks? If so how many and are they high or low quality? And finally; • How can You rank higher than them? Online competitors VS offline competitors? It is not uncommon to find that the competitors you have in the offline world are different to the ones you find yourself competing with online. Basically in the online world anyone [...]

Search Engine Optimisation Tips For Small Businesses

Search Engine Optimisation Tips For Small Businesses Here is our guide on helping your business improve it’s rankings on the search engines. Content At the end of the day a search engines job is to give it’s users the most relevant information for the search they have entered. So the search engines need to see your site has lots of useful content that people will want to read about and that your website will be more relevant and more knowledgeable than your [...]

What is needed in a New Business Website?

What is needed in a New Business Website? One of the questions we are commonly asked from small businesses is what should I put on my website? The answer really is as much as possible about your business, the services you offer and the industry you work in. In our opinion the Internet is one of the greatest marketing tools ever, and it is important you get as much from it as possible. We tell all our customers that their is no [...]