Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

The first thing a have indexed in Google?

• What are their call to actions?

• Which services/products are they pushing?

• Do they have any backlinks? If so how many and are they high or low quality?

And finally;

• How can You rank higher than them?

Online competitors VS offline competitors?

It is not uncommon to find that the competitors you have in the offline world are different to the ones you find yourself competing with online. Basically in the online world anyone who outranks your for you target keywords is a competitor.

Identify your competitors and their keywords

Make sure you analyse all your competitors not just the top ones, different competitors will be using different techniques and methods to rank their sites by working out what is working you can get a head start on your own SEO campaign, and save time.

Competitors with more backlinks?

Don’t worry to much about quantity, the latest Google updates show that is it more about high quality links than the number of links you have so check the quality of these link not just the number.

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