SEO Content Analysis

SEO Content Analysis

SEO Content Analysis

Your websites content plays a huge part in how Google rank your website, it is important that you have the information that visitors want to see. Many people make the mistake of telling people all about themselves, most people do not care, they want to find out what you can do for them.

The first thing to do is to look back at your keywords research, what are people searching for

does your website answer their questions?

Would your website be helpful to them?

Is your competitors website better than yours?

Is your content unique and does it sell your product/services?

When you get visitors to your site, it’s important that your content is interesting enough to keep them there, and that straight away they can see that your website will be able to meet their needs. You have seconds to show you can help, then once they start reading you need to keep them there.

A good question to ask yourself when assessing your websites content is, ‘What is the purpose of my content’ Ask your self if it useful from a potential customers point of view, if not why not? and what can you do to make it so it is.

Do you have a call to action?

Once people have finished reading a page, what should they do then? Should they call you, fill in a form, send your an email? Don’t make it hard tell them, add a nice call to action at the bottom of the page telling people exactly what the next step in the process is.

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